SINCE 2007

Since 2007 - we deliver services and solutions to world's largest players and small business owners.


Experienced team ready to meet challenges. Scientific attitude to colection and analisys of information. Integrated with business intuition based on many years of work.


American business style, Swiss quality of services, Polish prices.


Sourcing in Poland, Europe & Worldwide. If you need suppliers and products that fits you best

Market research, Business Inteligence. If you want to know more about your own business, market conditions and competition

Big Data, Analisys, Visualisation - If you are interested with making order out of informational chaos.

Sourcing in Poland, Europe & Worldwide

Market research, Business Inteligence

Big Data, Analisys, Visualisation


If you are looking for any business information regarding Poland. Central/Eastern Europe, Baltic States, EMEA countries or any country in the world our services would be extremely helpful for you. INFOTIMES.PL specializes in gathering and processing information – business, financial and others. For small, medium and large companies. We are the best choice if you need to source goods from Central/Eastern Europe and EMEA countries.


Thanks to our experience with different branches and markets we are able to find for you new business partners, importers, exporters and suppliers of the goods/services that you are looking for. We quickly shortlist best vendors, talk to them, visit factories, verify quality, etc. We prepare business reports regarding companies you want to check, identify scam, risks, gather references and opinions regarding your business partners. Collect data regarding markets, competition, etc. and then process, visualize and explain it in clear and interesting manner.

  • Sourcing

PROCUREMENT & SOURCING IN POLAND, CENTRAL & EASTERN EUROPE ( and other EMEA countries ). Please visit our dedicated website:

Buy in Poland. Wholesale shopping in Poland. Delivery Worldwide. IKEA and other brands:

  • Market analysis

We search for information over Internet, in libraries, by visiting competitors' stores, etc. If you want your questions to be answered and do not want to buy standard market reports you are in good place. Just shortly tell us what are you looking for.

  • Data processing

We collect, process and vizualize data.

  • Financial reports

We deliver financial reports. Polish documents translated into English. Information regarding Polish companies - Capital, Shareholders, Management, Balance sheet, Assets, Equity and liabilities,Profit and loss, Liquidity, Arrears, Other key data. Cost of report - 25EUR. Also reports regarding companies in other countries.

  • Scam verification

If you plan to make a deal with company from Poland and you know that company only from their Internet presence we can check them for you. Even visit their pfficce/factory. BE CAREFUL - IF YOU ARE NOT SURE IF PHONE NUMBER, E-MAIL, BANK ACCOUNT - belongs to company that use given KRS/REGON/NIP/VAT number - check it too or let us to do it. Scamer could pretend to be a real company and give you some false contact/bank data. EVEN IF COMPANY IS REGISTERED IT DOES NOT MEAN THAT IS RELIABLE!

  • Products assembly in CEE

Apart of sourcing parts or finished products we offer also assembly of products, labeling, packaging, etc.

If you want to move your production to Central/Eastern Europe we can find best parts suppliers here, organize logistics and made your final product.
Plastic, wood, rubber, metal suppliers will deliver us parts made according to your specification and we assemble it all and put into package, ready for shelves in the store.
Warehousing, dropshipping could be discussed too. Products can include electrical wiring or electronic PCB.

As for now we offer manual assembly, packaging, labeling and testing. If you need automated services we will find proper partners for you.

Our assembly service supports your business in environment of specialized suppliers that do not want to go extra mile. We do.


You Win with us because we are not in business of just selling standard solutions but instead of that we listen, understand, search, analize and deliver answers. Just describe us what is your goal and we will find best way to help you.


Send us your questions. If you prefer to describe us your project by phone or Skype/another video conferencing software just tell us what is your best times to contact you and we will call you.


When we gather additional data regarding your project and study possible solutions we will send you our initial proposals. We are always open to disccusion and to receive your suggestions.



After everything is agreed we start to act. You get your results as scheduled.


Your success is driven by people and their commitment to get results the right way. We provide independent support to you. To help you to win. And our team guarantee you professional attitude and best services.

Since 2002 works on daily basis for customers worldwide. At the beginning in quality department of largest European furniture manufacturer then since 2007 as independent professional in export/import area and business information research. During that period delivered services for hundreds small and middle size companies. Also for two companies from Dow 30 index.


Senior copywriter and project manager. Specialized in writing web/marketing content and in Polish language. Journalist in Polish newspapers. Awarded with Local Press 2009 award for best business article.



Phone: English, Français, Polski.
E-mail: Ру́сский, Deutsch and other languages.



ul. Sklodowskiej 29/35

14-202 Ilawa


Business meetings: Gdansk/Gdynia, Warsaw.

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Phone: 0048 504 637 052

Registry numbers:

REGON: 280221340
NIP/VAT: PL 7441343773
EORI: PL 744134377300000