SINCE 2007

Strategic Sourcing in Poland/Europe


If you plan to source in huge quantities we can help you to take adventage of possible synergies and develop successful Strategic Sourcing strategies. DMAIC process, used also by IKEA which source heavily from Poland and nearby countries, can work also for you.

Sourcing of products, semi-manufactured materials, components, etc.

What is Strategic Sourcing? Simply, when any company starts it's business it main goal in purchasing is to secure availability of goods it needs for manufacturing/resale. Then finding supplier that secures lowest cost unit. But when company develops and grows, it begins to fight for lowest total cost. And some companies at some level of maturity start to cooperate with suppliers more and more. Altogether with designing product, companies start to design supply chain, suppliers structure, sometimes greenfield investments. But it is solution for blue chip companies, isn't it?

What we can propose you as Strategic Sourcing is to find best suppliers and negotiate with them in long term to supply you with best products/solutions.

We gather information about suppliers, markets. We will help you to maximize supply security and reduce buying costs, by making the most of your purchasing power ( Kraljic matrix). We will help you to position your suppliers, make value analysis, suggest new opportunities.
But what is most important – we combine valuable mind tools with common sense and deep market research. Regardless of your position on Keough’s purchasing maturity model we will find a way to deliver you best Strategic Sourcing solutions.




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